Editting your emails in Email Customizer


4.1 Text Fields (Heading, Main Text, Footer Text): The top fields are usually the text fields that pertain to the current email type that you are looking at eg New Order. Here you can edit this text and see what it will look like in the preview. You should also use the suggested [shortcodes] in the text as, in the case of the Reset Password email, these fields are used to feedback dynamic information to the client - eg a Reset Password link, or an Order Number or Order link. You'll see a list of Allowed Shortcodes below showing you all the possible Shortcodes you could use. Each field is equipped with a Reset to Default button that you can use to return the field to it's suggested default value, so don't be afraid to experiment with some fun new text.

Allowed shortcodes are:
[ec_firstname] [ec_lastname] [ec_email] [ec_order] [ec_pay_link] [ec_customer_note] [ec_user_login] [ec_account_link] [ec_user_password] [ec_reset_password_link] [ec_login_link] [ec_site_link] [ec_site_name]

You are also able to use simple HTML such as:

4.2 Styling Fields (Page Color, Border Radius, etc):
Theres a lot of potential here to style the email as you'd like to more align it with your store or brand. Again seeing the preview in real-time.

4.3 Logo:
Upload your logo or any image that will appear in the email. This field defaults back the logo set in the WooCommerce→ Email Settings.

4.4 Top Buttons (x, eye):
The Eye when hovered over does a quick reveal of the email so you can see the results of your changes without having to close your edits. The X will ask you if you are sure you'd like to close the panel without yet Saving & Publishing

4.5 Save & Publish:
This is the final click that you will use when you are happy with your customizations and are ready to Save & Publish the changes. From this point on your WooCommerce store will use the newly Customized emails when sending to your Customers.

* We always advise sending a few test emails to yourself or a test customer to make sure everything is working as expected.

* Please also note that Emails that have been created by third party plugins, that have not been explicitly catered for in our template set, will just not allow the editing of the text in the email. The colors, styling, logo and footer will all be fine, it is just that you will not be able to edit the text.

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