Internationalization (translation) for Email Customizer

Internationalization of our Plugin to your language:

Go here to get general information about WordPress plugin internationalization.
To get our plugins to display in your own language creating these .po & .mo:

• email-control-en_US.po
Then you can put the files in either one of the following locations:

• /wp-content/languages/email-control/
• /wp-content/languages/

For Custom Text Areas
The way to translate custom fields: They will not appear automatically in WPML or any other translation plugin as they are created dynamically at runtime – you need to add the string manually in WPML (copy-and-paste them) and do the accompanying translation there. Then when the custom text is called, it will use your newly translated version.

Problem Strings in Loco Translate
For Loco Translate, if you are having trouble translating strings such as Quantity, Product, Price, etc, you need to have a .pot file in /wp-content/languages in the translation language you need, example "control-email-fr_FR.pot". Copy the original en_EN.pot file and change the name manually. A .pot file is the template for the translation. After you have the template, Loco will be able to show you the regular translation screen with the original and the translation and once you save, you'll have a .po and .mo file (automatically saved to /wp-content/languages/loco/plugins. Then, if your wordpress installation is using the fr_FR language, it will pull these 2 files to translate the plugin.

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