General Usage of Shop as Customer

Installing the plugin

Make sure that WooCommerce is installed and working on your site. For instructions on installing the WooCommerce plugin see here.

Install and activate the Shop as User plugin in your WordPress installation by following the normal plugin installation steps here.

There is no settings page and all functions are accessible via the WordPress Top Navigation Bar.

Using the Plugin

Once installed you will see a panel in the profile drop-down under the “Howdy, Username” text which allows you to search and select a different user to switch to.


Start typing in the search bar to find that user (TIP: Slow typing works best with the WooCommerce as-you-type functionality)


Once you have found the user to switch to click the “Switch” button that now appear


Once you have switched you will see your username and then the username of the Customer you have switched to with a pulsating background colour to remind you that you are shopping as them.

Continue to shop the store as that Customer. Remember that ALL functionality will be relative to them so you will only be able to access the Admin section once you switch back to your own user.

As you add products to the Cart, you will be able to calculate shipping based on that customer’s saved shipping addresses.

After you add products to the Cart, instead of the Checkout button on the Cart page, you will see a “Place order on behalf of Customer” button.

Note that the payment options are removed, allowing the actual customer to choose how they would like to pay when they link back to pay for the Order.


Once clicked, the Order will be created and the Checkout page will display two new buttons:

“Send Invoice” will email the order to the customer using the Customer Invoice email allowing them to pay for it via the Payment link.

“Switch back and view order on backend” will switch back to your original user and link to the order in Admin, allowing further editing.

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