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Hi, I was wondering if the previously requested feature of pre-populating customer accounts have been added. So when customers order for the first time and we create a new account – the order that is made includes the billing & shipping details. However if they phone up again then it is blank from what I understand. Many Thanks, Jawad

 I hope your support isn’t as bad as it takes for you to answer pre-sale questions otherwise it is disgusting that you take so long to reply to a single query.
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Hi Jawad,

Really sorry for the reply delay. We've been working on getting this new support site set up and had a number of unrelated problems too. Please accept our apologies. We're a really small team trying to do it all!

If you have a look at the docs here for Create Customer you'll be able to see how it works. You're able to enter billing and shipping, save down to the user when you save the order and then on following new orders load them into the order as normal.

Hope that answers your question.


Answered on February 1, 2016.
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