Bug? Save and Share Cart not Calculating Dynamic Pricing

We have dynamic pricing rules on some of our products, in this case, that kick in at at quantity of 10. The share cart is applying these discounts with quantities as low as 5. We do not know why this is occuring. The discounts do not appear in the cart itself. Any help would be appreciated.

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To clarify this issue further, with Woo Commerce Dynamic pricing, all quantity discount thresholds are halved in the shared cart. So, if you need to buy 10 boxes to get a 10% discount per box, the share cart plugin applies that discount at 5 boxes.

Edit: We have received a pre-release patch from the Dynamic Pricing Plugin author that seems to resolve the issue we are having. Something about the cart "not being emptied before reloading." In any case, as of this moment, the problem seems to have vanished.

Answered on December 2, 2016.


Apologies for not replying... I thought I had replied to you but this one slipped past me.

Glad they've been able to sort it out.


on December 8, 2016.
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