Can we expect an update to the Shop As Customer plugin or has support been suspended?


Last week I posted a call for an update to the Shop As Customer plugin. This is a function in out site we use constantly and really appreciate the development of, yet it doesn't work.

As I and many others have reported on this forum the plugin is not compatible with version 2.6 of the WooCommerce package. I understand that developing a new version of the plugin due to circumstances beyond your control is a gut shot to your business, and a real problem that you are facing.

If it is your intent to no longer support this plugin we need to know. Your silence on this issue is not appropriate. If we do not hear from you we have to assume that you are no longer paying attention to this forum and therefore have decided to drop the support of this program.

If that is the case we are saddened by this development, as I stated previously we use the plugin frequently and would like to continue using it.

Since we hove not yet found another plugin that allows for this functionality it will fall on us to decide if we want to keep using WooCommerce or if another web platform will be a better tool, or at least more reliable.

Please respond, by not addressing this issue you are convincing us all that you are no longer a responsible manager of the software and cannot be trusted going forward.

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Hi Brett

Apologies for the time we've taken to respond... we are definitely not dropping support for this plugin, we have just been experiencing issues on our side which delayed us responding.

Our developer is working on this fix as well as others and we'll post an update fix very soon.


Answered on June 20, 2016.
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New version of the plugin is up, just 6 days after we notified you of the error, good work. Thank you for getting on top of this so fast. Still testing out the new version but thus far all seems good.

Thank you also for restoring a little faith in software developers, more and more programmers are not following through with their promised support, good to see someone making good on the promises.

Brilliantly done!

Answered on June 22, 2016.
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