Can you please check this issue?

In the actual version the plugin interfering with the “passwort reset” feature of woocommerce. If a customer is using the link getting this after adding two times to new password (a screenshot of the password-reset-page): have to deactivate the plugin to get the password-reset working again. But I need it a lot. Hopefully there will be an update very soon. There is no error in debug.log which I can help you to find the bug for this.

And by the way, I bought a lot of plugins from you. There is also an update missing for “email customizer”. But this is not so important.


fox-didl Purchased

After a lot of testings on staging site I could find out that your plugin is interfering with the PayPal plugin from WooCommece itself – “WooCommerce PayPal Checkout Payment Gateway”. Maybe with this information you can find out where the problem for this is. I don’t think the problem is at the PayPal plugin, because I don’t have any other issues with this plugin.

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I'm  having this problem too. Finally had time to track it down. I dread to think how many sales we have lost. Users are unable to reset password, as when they try to use the reset link, it says (twice):

This key is invalid or has already been used. Please reset your password again if needed.

It's two weeks since this serious bug has been reported, and no response.

Answered on February 9, 2019.
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I Have exactly the same issue!


can we expect an answer from cxthemes developers anytime soon?

Answered on February 16, 2019.
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Same issue here, over a year later. Did anyone resolve this?

Answered on December 17, 2020.
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No. We turned away from this plugin. It seems. cxthemes stopped their developing work.

Answered on December 18, 2020.
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