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I bought this plugin a few minutes ago to customize the email templates. Consequently it will NOT allow me to customize the templates. See the image here. Does this work anymore? Please advise as I am looking for a quick solution having lost my customizations with the recent upgrade.


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Hi Bloometernal,

You will see in your own screenshots that the notice on the WooCommerce Template is "(not editable)"

RE: Cannot Customize Emails

This means that the default WooCommerce template is owned by the WooCommerce plugin itself and we're unable to edit it.

You need to change your template to either the Deluxe or Supreme bundled templates to begin editing.


Answered on January 25, 2016.
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Just purchased this plugin expecting to be able to edit my WooCommerce email template I edited through WP + php coding and was slightly disappointed to see that we can only edit your templates.

It's very misleading as this is not mentioned ANYWHERE when purchasing the plugin. It needs to be clear.

Have you considered adding the default WooCommerce email template to the drop-down list to allow users to edit it?

My client approved the current design of the email template, hopefully they're OK with it changing to yours.

Answered on February 23, 2016.
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