cart display thrown off

Hi guys, you’ve created great features for this plugin… but I’m having trouble with the "save cart text" throwing off the display of my cart.  Ideally the button would be on its own line.

Can you please suggest a fix?

Thanks in advance


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Hi There.

I've tried a few things on your site but your theme seems to be overriding most of our clearing CSS. In settings can you remove the button from the Cart page and then use your theme to create your own with the link being:



Answered on May 18, 2018.
Hi Sean

I can do that... BUT then I run into the button problem from my other post... where the pop up window loads, but then I'm immediately taken to the cart page. So the popup window is only available for a a few seconds before being automatically taken to the cart.

My button properties also have other fields... should anything go in these options?

  • Button Title Attribute
  • Button Additional Attributes
  • Modal Window Anchor
  • CSS Class
  • CSS ID

Also, with your plugin the save cart feature would should up right below the group of items, where as when I put it in the button can only go either before or after the cart shortcode  (so it displays at the very top or very bottom of the page)

on May 18, 2018.
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