Checkout- Pay Now button broken for our credit card gateway

Can you update the plugin on the next round to be compatible with the BRAINTREE FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRO plugin?

The Braintree plugin's Paypal and Paypal Credit payment methods work, but not the Credit Card payment method.

The SHOP AS CUSTOMER plugin's "Checkout - Pay Now" button is broken.

The other button, the "Checkout - Pay Later" button works fine.

I'm going to start a ticket with the BRAINTREE FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRO plugin as well to see if they can resolve the issue from their end.

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The BRAINTREE FOR WOOCOMMERCE PRO has suggested the following solution for you guys to add to the plugin:


Hi Brian,

I suspect that the Checkout Pay Now button is using an element id other than "place_order" which is what triggers the credit card payment process in our plugin. The Shop As Customer plugin should use the same element ID as woocommerce to ensure compatibility for plugins that integrate with WooCommerce.


Answered on June 8, 2017.
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Thanks Clayton we're going to check this out.

Answered on June 12, 2017.
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