Customize Tab error

Hello, I have just installed your plugin and cannot edit anything when I select the customize tab. I have selected Deluxe and when I select customize, the menu opens up but I can not open any of the individual tabs (text, appearance, header etc). I have read this note


"* Please also note that Emails that have been created by third party plugins, that have not been explicitly catered for in our template set, will just not allow the editing of the text in the email. The colors, styling, logo and footer will all be fine, it is just that you will not be able to edit the text."


However, I purchased your plugin to change and tweak the text. Do I need to disable the third party plugin? And if yes, what plugin is it?


Another Q: My product is accessible via a dropbox download link that is included in the completed order email. Prior to installing your plugin, the link was working great. Now, however, when I sent a test email, the link is showing as an empty file. Any tips? Thanks very much for your time

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