disable email notification & shop manager authorisation

I'm about to buy the plugin but I'd like to know the answer to 2 questions before I do:

  1. as shop manager I want to be able to create customers but without sending an email to the manually created customer. >> Can I disable the email notification on customer creation?
  2. Reading through the forum I noticed that several people reported that the Create Customer on Order plugin is not compatible with WooCommerce Bookings (jQuery issue with date picker). I use Bookings based products only, so a solution to this issue is critical for me. Without compatibility with Bookings, I cannot use this plugin. Do you have any update to solve this problem?
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  1. Yes it's a feature of our plugin.
  2. Plugin is compatible with Bookings and you can create new users from the New Bookings screen.



Answered on July 9, 2018.
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