Email Error Appearing When Sent To Customer *


I am having an email error and It seems that other users are experiencing the same problem.

Can you kindly seen screen shot and reply back with the solution for the fix.

In addition to the email template, please answer questions:

1. where can I change the green button color, and how?

2. the email is not placing the text in the actual top header color bar as an typical woo email. For me it is showing a blank area, how can you add a text here, as similar to the woo emails? (scrn shot)

3. I would like to delink the single product page on the thumbnail image and prodcut title in the email template. Where can I do this? (i have remove single product pages from my site). (scrn shot)

Email Error Appearing When Sent To Customer *

Email Error Appearing When Sent To Customer *


Sorry for the delayed response.

Are you able to send us login details so we can see why this issue/error is happening on your install and sort it out for you?


on April 18, 2016.
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Then for the points you mentioned:

1) This button color is not customizable at the moment.
2) In our top header, this space is designed for you to add an image to take up the header in place of the text.
3) You would need to edit the email template code for this as we link to the products same as the original email templates.

hope that helps 🙂

Answered on April 18, 2016.
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