How does EC interact with the template files?

I'd like to have a banner image, or image with text added to the area under the order data table.  I know I can't do that in EC and that I'd have to edit the email template directly, or in my case hire someone to do it for me.  But my question is, if I wanted to edit the processing, or on-hold email templates, which files would those be?  Does EC make any changes to those files?  What would be the correct way to edit email templates so that I'm just adding to them, and not disrupting any of the text and styles that EC creates? Sorry if my question isn't clear.

Hi Dax702

Unfortunately we don't have the functionality for you to override templates yet, but this is on our road map.

Editing the files directly wouldn't help because you'd lose the changes when we post the next update.


on December 5, 2016.
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