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Hi there. I recently purchased your plugin and would like to know, if you planning any future updates, which includes more overall flexibility?

I mean, this plugin is great for editing the standard things of an email template, but I am looking for some kind of “special features”. Let´s say I would like to include a custom intro text, or the payment method, which the customer was selected on his purchase. Even better would a kind of “Attachment area”, where I could include some files in the email (PDF etc.) or some contract text. Another thing I would appreciate to see is a kind of a marketing teaser.
Thanks, Martin

Just a short side note – It seems that the “send test mail” option doesn’t work at the moment? Anyone has the same experiences?


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Hi Martin,

Our plugin comes with the features described in the description and features area on the sale page for the plugin and it does not come with hidden surprise features which are not detailed there.

All your suggestions for new and extra features are valid. We'll add them to the possible new feature roadmap.

"Send Test Email" does work and you're probably not getting the email because of spam blocking, incorrect server configuration, or the Gmail bug where it will block email sent from and to the same address that Gmail manages but not through its servers.


Answered on March 14, 2016.
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