Not work on my site

Not work, I’ve installed and activated the plugin but in order creation not view the button create customer

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FOR ANYONE THAT ITS NOT WORKING....... after EXTENSIVE research and literally NO help from the author or envato i figured out my problem and its most likely YOURS TOO!! I am no sure why this is happening but it it....

open up your word press as normal scroll to the bottom...... under settings (on the left hand panel under tools) click create customer on order. MAKE SURE ADMINISTRATOR is CLICKED!! You have to shit click for multiple ones. So I clicked everything between admin and customer. And NOW it finally works!

I've had this addon for over a year and NEVER needed to do this before. i have uninstalled and reinstalled this damn thing so many times! and it never reset and i literally had no idea.

Answered on October 4, 2019.
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