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Hi, I am sending the cart via this plugin, but the email content says: Order Total: £0 Is this a known issue? How can I fix? Please let me know. Kind regards Gabor


Just to comment I am seeing the same behaviour. I am running version Versión 1.17. ->  For a regular shopping cart, the subtotal value shows ok, but the total is $0. This happens in the email content.

Producto Precio Cant Total
AQUA POUR DELUXE (para nevera dispensadora) $1,109,000 1 $1,109,000
REPUESTOS WATERFALL (cada 5 años) $191,200 1 $191,200
Subtotal $1,300,200
Total $0

Look foward to your assistance.

César F.-

on February 14, 2016.
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Hi Gabor,

Sorry about that, It is not a known bug. We're releasing the new version very soon. Please could you hold on for that.


Answered on February 8, 2016.
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