Plugin doesn't generate the right URL for saved cart in WPML+Woocommerce site



I have a multi-lingual Woocommerce shop and I've purchased your plugin because it answers my needs and specifically on the basis that it supports WPML (I read this on Themeforest's comments).

My main language is English, and I have a secondary language - Hebrew.

In WPML settings, I set secondary languages URL's to have "sub-directories", meaning all Hebrew pages are under /he/, for example:

English cart:

Hebrew cart:

(This is a staging site I'm using for debugging and testing purposes).

When saving a cart on the Hebrew version, the saved cart URL doesn't include /he/, for example:

This is very problematic because the user is taken to a cart in English, which isn't the language he was using.

How can I fixed the generated cart URL so it build the right one for each language, preferably in the next few days before Black Friday?


Thanks in advance,


Asked on November 15, 2018 in Save & Share Cart.
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