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Hey guys


I've put a button on the bottom of my page, but when it is clicked the popup comes up for a brief second and then the person is taken directly to the shopping cart.



How do I get only the popup window to come up (without it going to the cart)?


Thanks in advance

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Can someone help me with this please?

The popup window is only available for a a few seconds before being automatically taken to the cart.


My button properties also have other fields... should anything go in these options to make this work properly?

  • Button Title Attribute
  • Button Additional Attributes
  • Modal Window Anchor
  • CSS Class
  • CSS ID
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I replied to your CodeCanyon comment now with this:


I just tested… and it seems your site has a javascript error on it… I’m not able to work out where it’s coming from though.

If you right click (in Chrome browser) and Inspect and then go to the Console tab, you will see there is a javascript error there… That will be what’s breaking the plugin/popup from working.


Answered on May 31, 2018.
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