Problem translation one string (Note) in e-mail customizer


I've had the following conversation on the commentsection of Themeforst, but the problem still persists:

Hello, we’ve translated the plugin via Loco Translate but we were unable to translate one string, namely the word “note” (circled in red): Can you help please? Thanks! Bruno
Hi Bruno That text should be translatable in the WooCommerce plugin, as that would be pulled in from the WC emails. I’ll get the dev to look and make sure. Thanks

brunodeneve PURCHASED

Hello, Our wooCommerce plugin is 100% translated. The only single word Note that I could find in wooCommerce plugin was already translated: Also it has a colon behind it, the one we’re trying to translate is without a colon. Thanks!

So I'm not able to translate "Note".
Also the string I'm looking for is not in the wooCommerce translation files.
The only single worded Note I find there is followed by a colon, whilest the one I'm trying to translate is stand-alone.

This is what I'm trying to translate:

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Any update?

Kind Regards

Answered on November 30, 2017.
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