Remove Links From Bottom of Email Template

I need to remove the links that appear at the bottom of the email template. They're redundant and I'd like to place text in the footer, as opposed to the redundant links.

Can you please provide me with instructions on how to modify the email template? Specifically, which line of code I need to remove to eliminate the links from appearing in the footer?

Asked on February 29, 2016 in Email Customizer.
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Do you know how to search for an element class and hide it with Custom CSS?

Because if you edit the template then it will get overridden and added again when we post an update.


Answered on March 1, 2016.
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Yeah I think I can do that. But you'd have to give me the line of code to search for, and the command to turn it off.

Is there a way to just turn it off? Is that considered breadcrumbs?

Answered on March 1, 2016.
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Answered on March 5, 2016.
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