Remove Variation from Product Name in Emails

Hi, I know this is a code specific request but I am having trouble executing something with regard to the Product Titles in WooCommerce specifically when the emails. Your plugin worked very well to make universal adjustments, I then called on a custom template and modified a few lines for styling and it looks great.

The issue I am having, however, is related to the way WooCommerce calls on the product title. By default it includes all product variations in the title. I managed to separate these variations and list them below the product title for the Cart/Checkout/Order Details on my site, but when I generate an email the variations remain.

I posted on stackOverflow but have received no responses:

I suspect that I need to either modify the email-order-items.php file or call on the hook woocommerce_order_item_name but not sure exactly how to execute.

I realize this is outside the scope of your plugin, but I was hoping perhaps one of you is familiar with this situation and might be able to provide a simple solution. Thanks!

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We don't have any experience with this situation - this will have to be something that the plugin author looks at.

We won't have the ability to alter this intent of this plugin.


Answered on May 10, 2019.
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