Right sidebar suddenly missing on My Account page; no Search


I am the only admin or person who modifies this website. I am running WordPress 4.8.1 and the latest release of Divi as of this writing.

Without making any changes to my Divi Child theme, which is my active theme, I suddenly found upon trying to Shop As Customer that the My Account page has no sidebar (which includes the Search bar) as before.

Without the Search bar, we cannot find the product desired to proceed with a phone order.

I deactivated all plugins except for WooCommerce and WooCommerce Shop As Customer; I also deactivated the child theme, and still got the same result.

Please let me know how to restore the Search bar so I can find the needed product when I'm doing a phone order using Shop As Customer.



Hi Steve

We've never seen this issue before so you might need to contact Divi about this as we simply change to the selected user, it should be hiding content or layout parts.

Is there maybe something hiding the sidebar when you are logged in as another user?

Are you able to test this?



on August 4, 2017.
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