Shortcodes not working correctly

Hi, I have a Woocommerce checkout page with a series of ec_ shortcodes (e.g. [ec_position], [ec_department], etc), but the emails that are sent through to me to advise that a new order has been received do not display the information.

Instead, they are just displaying the actual shortcodes (e.g. Position: [ec_position], Company: [ec_company], etc).

Could you please let me know how I go about correcting this?


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Hi There.


Could you confirm that you've had a look through the documentation here: ?

Answered on July 17, 2017.
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Hi Sean

I have had a look through the shortcode documentation, but unfortunately that hasn't shed any light on the problem for me.

I've inherited our ordering system from another employee who no longer works with me, so I'm still not completely up to speed with it. Where in WordPress do I go to actually add the shortcodes? There doesn't seem to be a plug in installed on our website for this.


Answered on July 18, 2017.
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May I have an update on this? I have purchased support and am happy to provide the purchase code if requested.

Answered on July 27, 2017.
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The correct place to put our shortcodes is in - wp-admin > WooCommerce > Email Customizer.

This is what you will see

Choose the name of the email which text you'd like to edit e.g. New Order text  - Customize > Text > Main Text, then you'll add any of your shortcodes here.

Hope this helps

Answered on August 1, 2017.
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