Some issues with plugin


Hi, been using your plugin for several days so far. Love it and look forward to more features like sending hidden shop products and coupon support, but out of the box, I've encountered a few issues:

1. When logged in, sending a cart can only send it as "from" the woo commerce shop e-mail address.  Is this as intended? If a customer replies to the sender, the store gets the e-mail.

2. Apostrophes in last names do not get encoded correctly. There is a \.

3. The edit cart button on the backend is non-functional.

Thank you!

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Hi There,
1) We're going to address this soon and will add a 'from' address default in settings
2) Thanks - we will fix this.
3) This has been fixed and works as below:

RE: Some issues with plugin


Answered on March 7, 2016.
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