Switch Back and View Order missing after recent update

After the most recent update I no longer have:

When I complete an order shopping “As Customer so-and-so” and at the end of the order we used to “Switch Back and View Order” or “Email Copy of Invoice to Customer”.  Neither of those prompts appear now after payment.  I have to use the “switch back” at the top of the page.  Then I have to go to my dashboard in order to get back to the orders.  This just started today as far as I know.

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I just came here to say the same thing.

This is now adding 3 extra clicks (plus page loading time) to the process which previously needed only 1.

Answered on November 15, 2017.
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Hi There. Thanks for letting us know. We're addressing this issue now.


Answered on November 16, 2017.
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