WooCommerce 3.5 and next updates

Hi there, I saw the the support did not answered to some questions during last month. For that reason before to update to WC 3.5 I would to ask if Email Customizer is compatible. I really do not want to have issue about that. We manage a lot of customers and we want to be sure that all plugins that we're using are made in a professional optic. Do you need more money to continue your work? Please, ask it. But do not abandoned the plugin in this way. Some of your template are out of date. I know that you know it. Please give us a feedback asap. Thank you!


We haven't abandoned the plugin, we have released updates not long ago.

It should work, but please make a backup before and then upgrade. So that you can roll back if you need to.


on November 19, 2018.
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